Friday, February 17, 2012

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas and more...

I cannot believe how fast the last 6 weeks have gone!!  After the craziness of Thanksgiving, we settled in and relaxed and waited for the craziness of Christmas time to approach.  The kids kept up with their schoolwork nicely.  It was so wonderful to have had it all planned out. It made for a very laid back but productive few weeks for all of us.   As Christmas approached I did wish that I had done a little more preparing and Christmas shopping before Amelia arrived but, alas, I had not.  I didn't fret over it much.  We did what we could and that was enough.  Christmas itself was a whirlwind of delight.  Our only regret was not getting to see some of the Roach side of our family on Christmas Eve...

Here are some of the highlights of our fun filled holidays...

Way back at the end of November Amelia Joy was still so little!  I can't believe how much she has grown since then!  It happens so fast!
Not the greatest picture of her but look at those shoes!  Sooo cute :) 
Bella's first attempt at a diaper change.  Those wiggly little newborns can be tough!  I don't think she's tried since...  I'll have to offer her another chance...

It didn't take long for those little cheeks to start filling out!  At her 1 month check up Amelia weighed 10lbs 6oz.  She had gained about 2 lbs since birth.  The nurse was all about what a big healthy baby she was.  I thought that somewhat amusing since, at one month old, she hadn't even reached Ian's birth weight yet.
I was very lacking in the homemade gift department this year.  Isabella picked up my slack.  She made jewelry, soap, and pictures among other things.  I did manage to make one gift this year.  I made these little wool pants for Amelia from a sweater.  They are called wool longies.  They are actually a cloth diaper cover and it costs a lot to buy them.  I was (am) proud of my accomplishment and financial sewing skills...not so proud lol.   
One evening we had two of our favorite little friends, Jack and Natalie, over for dinner.  Their addition to the Corbett cuteness on this blog makes this post shoot to the top of the cute-o-meter.

Corbett cuteness at its best...
Amelia Joy all bundled up for a brisk fall walk.
Getting acquainted with some new friends on her mobile.
Spending some quality time with her Papa.
Mommy's Christmas Gift.
Grammy and Papa Corbett popped in for a visit at my Mom and Dad's on Christmas Eve.  Love you Grammy and Papa!!
It was nice to have Christmas Eve on a Saturday.  Everyone enjoyed relaxing and bustling around the kitchen together.  As evening approached the kids changed into their cute Christmas clothes that my mom bought for them.  She made the girls headbands.  They looked so cute!!

A family of 6!

We had a great time at Aunt Sherri's on Christmas Eve.  Amelia spent lots of time snuggling with her Aunties and the kids had fun playing with their cousins.
It took everyone awhile to settle down Christmas Eve.  I can still feel the excitement of falling asleep Christmas Eve when I was a kid.  If there is anything more fun than being a kid at Christmas, it is having kids at Christmas....

The stockings were placed by the fireplace with care.  Look at that little stocking!  Too cute.

After her late night, Amelia decided she was sleeping in on Christmas morning.
The living room at my mom and dad's looks like a picture in a magazine on Christmas morning.  The fire was crackling, presents were spilling out from under the beautiful tree and the kids, clad in their Christmas jammies, had smiles beaming from ear to ear.  Isaac was especially excited to receive a catcher's mitt from Rara and Papa.  Ian was equally stoked to get is own set of golf clubs and Bella's new found love for Barbies fueled her excitement for the Barbie Vacation Cottage she received.  Jason and I do just one big gift and stocking stuffers for the kids.  Our gift to them this year was a new keyboard, hand drum and microphone and to broaden our musical prowess we will also be taking a trip to Tanglewood this summer.  We are hoping lots of our family and friends will join us (I'll keep you posted on the date).

Amelia continued to enjoy her morning snooze in Uncle Joe's arms.
I was super surprised to receive a new camera for Christmas from Kimmy and Joe.  It is so awesome!  My old one was starting to be finicky and sometimes it just chose not to work all together.  Never a good thing but even worse when you have a new baby!  Leave it to my sister the photographer to remedy this injustice!  Here is my first picture with the new camera.  I don't know if you can see the difference, but I sure can!
New Camera + New Baby + Photographer Sister = Christmas Morning Photo Shoot and REALLY cute pictures!!

Really, can you get much cuter than that?!

More photo shoots. 

Amelia was all smiles when we arrived back at our house Christmas night.

We ordered Chinese take-out on Christmas night.  I think that is funny.  It was yummy too.
The next morning Isabella got up and made Chocolate French Toast from the new cookbook she got from Auntie Kimmy.
She also got acquainted with the new Kindle that Papa got us!  We were really surprised by this gift.  I hadn't really looked into E readers at all.  Being of the mindset that books should have real pages, I was content with the archaic concept of regular books.  HOWEVER, but I am totally in love with this thing!  I can read one handed now and that is very convenient when I have a baby in my arms!!  I was also very excited to find out that many great classics are free!  I am reading Pride and Prejudice right now by Jane Austen.  Moby Dick is on tap next.  I still love paper books but I wouldn't be reading at all right now if it weren't for the Kindle.  Nursing time for Millie is now reading time for me (if I can get the thing away from Bella LOL)!  Thanks again Dad!!!
During our Christmas break we had a mini Mt.Holyoke reunion at Jen's house.  Jen, Becky and I were the closest of friend during our MHC days.  The three of us have grown exponentially since then.  I'm so glad we were able to get together!

Bella and Ella :)
Jen and Becky both got some snuggle time with Amelia. 

Here we are w/ all our kiddos (except Jen's son Eric).  We have accomplished a lot in 11 years!!

Christmas isn't over until we've celebrated with the Beaulieu side of the family!  Last Thursday we headed back down to my Mom's for one last Christmas celebration.

The cousins were so happy to be together and to have Gage and WayLynn visiting from California.

All that fun just tired them right out...

They look pretty convincing don't they!

All 4 boy cousins in one room!  The boy cousins are still out numbered 14-4 on this side of the family.

Back home again to ring in the New Year!  Bella partied it up at Hannah's house.  The boys wanted to stay up to see the ball drop for the first time.  Unfortunately, we had it on the wrong channel and, although we saw many shots of the ball, we didn't get to see it actually drop.  Oh well, maybe next year.

On New Years Day we relaxed after church with a nice family dinner.  I went out for my first jog since the baby was born!!  When I returned I found  Bella and Amelia having a very engaging conversation.  Look at those adorable little feet!!
Now I am having lots of fun playing with my amazing new camera.  It is a Canon Power Shot.  It is so tiny compared to my old clunker but the LCD screen is twice the size.  There are so many fun features, I am just getting my feet wet. 
"Mom, stop taking so many pictures, I just woke up!!"
"Oh, OK, I'll smile."

Amelia wore the wool pants I made for her when it was 6 degrees the other day.  She was cozy and warm...and really adorable!

 One of my camera's coolest features is the "wait for a smile" setting.  It takes the picture when it detects the smile.  Bella and I tried to trick it but it captured her beautiful smile anyway.
 What do you think... do we look alike?  I think she has my chins ;)
Oh, and we are back to school, in case you were wondering.    We were planning to start up our regular TLC schedule again and get back into our normal routine but the infamous winter cold has prevented that.  I am also discovering that there is no such thing as "getting back to normal."  WE HAVE A BABY!  That is the new normal and we are all loving every minute!!!!!!!!!!!
 The boys had some fun learning about chemical changes.
This may be the first winter blog that I didn't complain about snow.   That is because we haven't had any!!!!!  Well, not since that little incident in October but we don't need to talk about that...
Bella and I decided that, with all of the love, smiles and color that Amelia has brought into our life, this winter is going to be great no matter what the weather!