Friday, November 25, 2011

Born November 10, 2011
at 9:07 pm
8lbs 11oz
20.5 inches

Here I am, impatiently waiting for Amelia to arrive.  This picture was taken 2 days before she was born.
...and here she is!  Minutes after she was born!  Labor and delivery all went very smooth.  My Dr. mercifully agreed to induce me on the 10th of November (she was due the 13th) because we both agreed she wasn't going to get any smaller in there. With my past history of large late babies, we decided to give her the eviction notice.  It took a long time for the Pitocin (drug to induce contractions) to start doing its job but around 4:00 pm contractions started to become painful and she arrived just after 9:00pm.  Jason and my mom were with me all day through all the hard work and I couldn't have done it without them.  Auntie Kimmy was doing her best to get to the hospital to see Amelia's arrival into the world but Amelia just wouldn't wait!  Kimmy arrived about 20 minutes after she was born.
The kids had been waiting all day for the arrival of their baby sister.  We had promised them that if she was born before 10 pm they could come see here.  They had all just gotten in their jammies and were settling down at my cousin Amira's house for the night when we called and told them it was time to meet their sister!!!  Their faces were just priceless.

The nurse waited for everyone to arrive before they weighed her.  Her official birth weight was 8lbs 11oz.  By this time she was almost an hour old and had already emptied a few oz of weight by peeing all over her daddy.  I'm glad we didn't have to wait another 2 weeks for her to be born, she might have been as big as Ian was!! (10lbs 9oz)
Our first family photo as a family of six!!!
The next day Amelia had a lot of visitors.  I don't even have pictures of everyone who came to welcome our beautiful baby.  Isabella had the honors of holding her first.  She was so excited!!

When all of our guests cleared out she finally got some snuggle time with her daddy.

Then, we got to go home!!  Bringing her into the house for the first time was so surreal!  I really couldn't believe I had a baby again.  It's been a looooong time and we've never had a baby in this house.  Overall, I was pretty unprepared lol.  I hadn't even put up her pack & play!!
Over the next few days we were blessed to have more visitors.  She loved snuggling with her Papa Corbett :)
She is so adorable.  I have taken over 300 pictures of her in the last 2 weeks.  Here are some of my favs...

Her outfit says Current Family Favorite.  Ian didn't like that outfit when we got it a few months back...but he has definitely changed his mind.
They adore their baby sister!!

Bella has been having a blast dressing her baby sister up each day. 

I think this picture is so funny.  She's like "look at this nasty umbilical cord!  When will this thing fall off?!"  It fell off when she was a week old.  I was glad.  Forgot how nasty those little things are lol. 
Believe it or not, the Monday after Amelia was born, we got right back into our schoolwork and are keeping up with our scheduled work very nicely.  Amelia put the Stay At Home back in Stay At Home Mom and I'm finding we have plenty of time to get everything we need to done when we aren't running around crazy from one place to another!

It is also helpful that Amelia is sleeping the majority of the time we are trying to get our work done...

First bath, she didn't like it one bit.  All other baths have been much better.  I put one of those baby car seat headrest things in the tub with her now and she seems a lot cozier than on the cold rubber tub.
After her tubby, all ready for bed!
My mom came up for a visit the week after she was born and my sisters came up a few days later.  Kimmy took some beautiful pictures of her...The best ones aren't on the blog because I'm trying to decide which one to use for our Christmas card/ birth announcement but every picture was adorable (how could they not be w/ such a beautiful baby?!)

Before I knew it, Thanksgiving was here!  I took the year off from baking Thanksgiving pies but Isabella more than picked up the slack.  She made the most delicious pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting.  She made it all from scratch and I didn't help one bit!  She also made a delicious cranberry sauce all by herself.

We traveled down to my moms the evening before Thanksgiving.  I must admit I was a bit anxious about the car ride with the 13 day old baby but she did AWESOME!!!  We stayed at my moms that night and then Jason and my dad got up bright and early and took the boys out on their first hunting trip.  My dad took us girls out hunting on Thanksgiving morning when we were young and my boys were so excited to continue the tradition with their daddy and papa.  The mighty hunters didn't get anything this time but they are pretty excited to get out there and try again!

Here is Amelia and the Thanksgiving turkey.  The turkey is actually about  6lbs bigger than her :)
Once the Turkey was slapped and ready to cook we brought Amelia over to meet her Mimi and Great Grammy!  Amelia was so asleep she couldn't be roused and refused to open her pretty blue eyes for her Great Grammy...I think she was just too cozy in her lap to be bothered.  Ian enjoyed a little snuggle time with Great Grammy too. 
We went back to my moms for dinner and dessert.  Amelia was passed around like a little football and then hopped back on the road with prayers for a peaceful trip home that were gracefully answered.  Isabella had allowed everyone else to enjoy her baby sister all day but took advantage of some one on one snuggle time when we got home.
I am so thankful that I now have two beautiful daughters!!

It is so amazing Amelia Joy is 2 weeks old already and at the same time it is so amazing that she has only been here for 2 weeks.  It feels like she has been a part of this family forever.  She has settled right into the place in our hearts that was just waiting for her all these years...and we never even knew it...