Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baby is due in 9 days.  I am not doing a very good job being patient.  I have never had an early baby.  They have all been forced out late.  You would think that I would be resigned to the fact that I am not going to go into labor early, but I'm not resigned to that at all.  I am praying constantly that she'll come right now!  Lest I get too impatient, I am trying to find things to fill my time.  I'm prepping some meals for after she is born, staying caught up with the laundry (that is a miracle) and making sure we are where we should be with our schoolwork.  I decided catching up with the blog was a good idea too.

One of the fun activities that my children are participating in this year is Spanish group.  My friends Amy and Michelle are leading the group.  It has been a lot of fun.  I minored in Spanish in college but never seem to find the time to squeeze it in to lessons regularly.  This group solves our problem!  We meet bi-monthly and have homework in between lessons.  It has been a lot of fun so far!  In addition to learning Spanish, we will study some Latin American countries and learn some Spanish songs to perform at a Spanish themed family dinner.

A few weeks ago I was so blessed to have a baby shower!  My sisters and mom decided that this baby, despite being the 4th, needed to be showered with love and be celebrated.  It was such a great day.  I was overwhelmed by how loved I felt.  My sisters and mom made everything so beautiful and fun!  This beautiful display was actually a cute game.  There was something in each bag that started with the letters of BABY SHOWER.  They were all gifts for me and my guests had to guess what was in each bag for a prize.
My mom made me this adorable little baby.  She is made completely of baby items and clothing.  I can't wait until our real baby is sleeping in that little Moses Basket!!

This baby is destined for the shoe fetish that her mom and her big sister have...
My sister Angela gave me an entire clothesline of clothes for the baby.  I needed multiple assistants just to see it all!
My mom's friend Paula gave me this beautiful bouquet.  I loved it so much.  It really captured my day.  It captured the essence of a warm, blue skyed fall day splashed with lots of girly pink and lots of love. 
After the shower the house was completely taken over with baby stuff!  My parents actually took my kids for a few days after the shower so I had some time to organize and put things away.  The kids all got to go to a pumpkin farm with my parents go on pony rides and in a hay maze and then home to carve pumpkins.  My mom took some beautiful pictures of all of that but due to malfunctions of an aging computer, I can't post them in this blog right now.  They had a great time and I thoroughly enjoyed my peaceful time washing folding and organizing baby clothes.  I can't wait until I am putting her in them!!!

For science we have been studying Invertebrates for the last few weeks.  We have gone through insects, arachnids, crustaceans, myriapods, sponges, worms, cnidarians, and echinoderms.  This was our arachnid snack.  We still have protista, monera, and viruses to go before baby comes!
Each fall, my friend Amy opens her home to local homeschoolers for Apple Day.  She lets out apple crafts, everyone brings an apple snack or dish to share and if you bring some apples you can press your own cider with her cider press!  It is a favorite tradition of ours now.  This year we used apples from my friend Jen's tree and it was the sweetest cider we have ever made!

I had the delightful experience of going away on a retreat a few weeks ago.  It was a women's retreat in New York at a beautiful center called Camp of the Woods.   It was a very special, beautiful and relaxing time.  I probably appreciated it more than i normally would, knowing that it will probably be awhile before I get away on my own again after baby is born.
The weekend after my retreat my sister had Annika's 2nd birthday party!  She had a messy art party and my kids LOVE messy art.  Actually, Bella LOVES messy art.  Ian doesn't like to get messy and Isaac enjoys it for a short time and is then looking for someone to play sports with (Uncle Derrick and Joe obliged him in this area and played wiffle ball with him for hours, he was in his glory).    This project was to place a piece of paper in a box, add paint and a ball and shake.  Ian liked this one because the mess stayed in the box.
Bella was the last crafter to leave the table.  I think she would have stayed there for another two hours if we didn't have to clean up for cake.
Spaghetti painting was a big hit with the little ones.  The spaghetti that was used as paintbrushes didn't look very appetizing though...
Bella's playdough masterpiece of the day.
The Birthday Girl!!
My mom made Annika's adorable cake!  I have decided that I don't like making cakes anymore and I need a gooooood long break before I do another one.  Maybe the baby's first birthday...
Then it snowed a little.  It was sort of pretty.
Monson and Springfield who are surrounded by damage and some still without power. 

One good thing that came from the October snow was that my sister and the girls came up to stay for a bit while their power was out.  They joined us at our annual Creation Celebration at our church.  It is a night of fun, games and snacks and the kids all dress up like Bible characters or something God made.  It is a somewhat exhausting endeavor to put it on but despite being 9 months pregnant I pulled it off.  I jumped around with the kids and tried to send myself into labor but to no avail.  I just ended up being extra tired.

Jack the rain drop.  Soooo cute!
Well, that took up a nice hour or so.  Now I'll have to find something else to do to distract myself from thinking about having this baby!  There is plenty to do but the energy to do it has been scarce.  Hopefully it won't be long now before I am posting pictures of our beautiful baby girl!!