Monday, September 29, 2008

TLC Academy

So, I have officially changed the name of our school (and this blog). No longer will the title be Corbett Family Homeschool, because it's not just our family. Henceforth we shall be referred to as The Love of Christ Academy, or TLC Academy for short. The kids all voted. I decided to call us an academy because the definition of academy is "a school for special instruction" and of course, they are receiving very special instruction, they are special kids. The name was inspired by an orphanage in Africa called TLC Orphanage. My friend Sarah is serving God there for a year, taking care of babies. In a way this name honors her and the amazing sacrafice and commitment she has made and will remind us often to pray for her in Africa. You should pray for her too (if you aren't already).

This week at TLC Academy we celebrated 2 birthdays! Hannah turned 7 and Mika turned 2. We made a cake for Hannah (our little Jedi youngling). Seeing some of the other cakes that have been produced around here, Hannah put the request in for this very specific Star Wars scene long ago.

Mika's mommy, Seven sent the most adorable little banana muffins for a special birthday snack, perfect for 2 little candles.

Another very exciting thing about this week was the completion of the boys new bedroom. When we moved in last year (exactly a year ago this week!) we painted their room very very red. It was called California Poppy and was a beautiful color but red is not easy to use...especially if you didn't use the special dark primer they recommended...anyway, it was time to start over. Jason prepped the room, the boys and I picked out the paint. We came to a compromise that "blast off yellow" can be inside the closet and a nice light blue and beige for the walls and ceiling of the room. We put up the baseball border that I bought a year ago and completely rearranged. It's like a brand new room. We are all so happy with the outcome and I am so grateful for my awesome husband who works so hard all day and was willing to come home and work some more.

Here are some pictures of the kids getting some work prove we didn't just party all week long.

They all worked together to finish this awesome puzzle that Nova and Mika's grandma got for us.

Bella hard at work making mirror images with unit cubes for math. Bella and Hannah taking their spelling test in their "offices". Our story for this week was The Story About Ping it's a classic about a little duck on the Yangtze River of China. We did all sorts of fun things with it and made a little file folder book to display all of our activities. One of the favorite activities was for Art. We talked about different ways that illustrators draw water. We looked at a few examples and then practiced with crayons, then markers, then water colors, and lastly fingerpaint and glitter. They all worked so thoughtfully and were very proud of their work.

Another highlight of the week was when Bella and Hannah cooked lunch for everyone. During their "choice time" I chose their activity for them and assigned them the task of cooking Mac & Cheese for everyone and steaming some fresh green beans that we had picked at recess. They did a great job. I am looking forward to giving them more cooking assignments...teaches them important skill and it's one less thing I have to do!

We did have a rather sad event this week too. On Thursday, Ian's beautiful little beta fish, Fishy, died. The children discovered him together when I was getting snack ready. I went upstairs to investigate the situation (as they have mistaken him for dead before because sometimes he doesn't move a lot) and sadly, he was dead. Isaac quickly confessed that he had gone fishing the night before in the fish bowl but that he had been very careful not to keep his gills out of the water for long and certainly hadn't intended to hurt him. We all agreed that wasn't probably a good idea and Ian forgave Isaac. Next came the process of disposal. The kids wanted to bury him but I told them that fish like to be buried in water because that's where they lived and that the toilet was the best choice. After much discussion, Ian agreed, the toilet was best but he wanted to do the flushing honors. He had dealt well with the situation up to the point where he watched his little friend spiral into the depths of the potty and he began to wail. It was absolutely heart wrenching. I cried too, not for the fish, but for my son's grieving heart. We decided to go to Petco right after school and get a new fish. We also hit the dollars store and picked up some new pirate apparel to cheer everyone up. The new fish is named Fishy, after its predecessor.

We ended our eventful week with our Germain friends visiting from Monson. We were so glad to have them come to our house. They used to live here and we would come visit them and now they moved back to Monson and they come visit us. It's ironic to say the least... Someone please buy their house so they can move back up here! Jen brought me the most beautiful mum as a house warming gift. It was exactly what I needed to fill a large empty pot on a tree stump in my front yard. I couldn't bring myself to spend the extra money on one and I was so so blessed to get one as a gift! Here it is on display in front of my ugly house that will only be ugly for a few more weeks because...............Seven is going to paint it for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay. I can't wait to see it when it's all done, I know you can't either! By the way, it's almost play off time...Go Red Sox!!!


Gishtu said...

epic fish story, i like the new layout haha

i read the story about ping, it was nice..then they wanted me to read that beebeebobbi bird or whatever its called. that does a number on the ol' pipes.