Sunday, March 6, 2011

 A couple of Before and Afters around here this weekend! 

Here is the dining room and kitchen before...
 and here it is after!!  We still have another coat to do but we've gone green lol.

 After cleaning up the painting mess Isaac got a haircut.  Upon seeing that Isaac received a gumdrop for his haircut, Ian decided a haircut was a good idea.  I am glad he decided that and must confess that the gumdrop for Isaac was a trap I set for Ian lol.
 The haircut seems to have made his neck grow 4 inches lol! 


Mallory said...

I love the green in the kitchen!! I can't believe how old Ian looks!

All My Beans said...

Great make over..can you come do mine?
Love the haircut..but all those curls gone :-(

Amy Najimy said...

The new color looks great!! I love the green and brown together! Nice work!