Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Falling behind already...

Well, I had a feeling I would fall behind. Its characteristic of me, to procrastinate and then decide one night, when it's late and I should be in bed, that I will do everything I have put off for weeks (except clean, I will keep putting that off, that is characteristic of me too, lol).
We've been pretty busy! Two weeks ago my friend Luanne came over to talk to my kids, and a few others who joined us, about her missionary experience in Kitale Kenya. It was so interesting. She did some great things with the kids to help them understand how many children in the world live very differently than we do. She also showed us amazing pictures, told us many stories about the children who go to the preschool that they sponsor and she even brought some wall hangings from their school. The testimony of what God is doing through Luanne's family and the missionary organization that they have started, Africa Connect, is amazing. It is so inspiring to see one family making such a difference for so many children in Africa. Isabella was really touched by the presentation. She prays for the children in Africa often and is always asking if she can give things to Luanne to bring to Africa on her next trip. Yesterday she wanted to collect shoes that she doesn't need (which is most of them) and send them to Africa. She has true understanding of the phrase "every little bit helps" that I hope she never loses.
Here is a picture of Luanne and the kids
These are some of the hangings from the African preschool that they use for teaching the children English words

We spent the rest of that week and this past week studying Kenya. We completed a really neat lapbook based on a book called Masai and I by Virginia Kroll, about a young girl comparing herself to a girl of the Masai culture in Kenya.

We are still working in our big Africa lapbook that will be more of an overview of the whole continent. We'll probably be working on it for another month or so as we study other countries and areas of Africa.

Let's see, some other highlights of the last two weeks...

We hosted a birthday party for Isabella's friend Nova who turned 5. It was a rainbow themed party. We played pin the cloud on the rainbow, took a few swings at a pinata and made tambourines with rainbow streamers. It was a blast.
The kids have been doing swimming lessons for the last 6 weeks. This Friday is our last lesson. Isabella (my little fishy) worked really hard and is becoming a very strong swimmer. Isaac has gotten much more comfortable in the water too. He was rather clingy and nervous the first lesson or two but now he is doing much better and really enjoys being in the pool and is moving around independently with a bubble on.

We hosted a huge St Patrick's Day dinner on Saturday for my family! Cornbeef and Cabbage for 30 people! I couldn't believe they all came all the way to Pittsfield. It was nice to be share our new home. It was a tight fit in our little cape but we had a great time. This is my sister Kimmy and Ian being silly after dinner.The next day we celebrated my niece's 1st Birthday in Monson!!! She is so cute! I just love being an auntie! I made her a cake and I have to post it because I have never made a cake so beautiful. I am still shocked by how good it came out! It took a lot of time but Isabella was very supportive and encouraging :)

From Monson we headed over to Agawam for another birthday party for another niece! Jason's sister's daughter Natalie turned 12. Then it was home to get ready for another week!

This week we are focusing on Easter, of course, and making an Easter lapbook. Bella is really enjoying the lapbooks. I am glad to have a week to focus on our Savior and what he did for us when He died on that cross. I am so grateful that I received God's gift of salvation and to be able to share it with my children is such a blessing. I love watching them grow in Christ. It blows me away how much Bella knows from God's Word and how much she loves to study it. There just aren't words to describe what it is like to see God working so personally in the lives of my children as they are in different stages of understanding Him and seeing how God continues to draw them closer to Him. Just another reason I am so glad to be a homeschooling mom!

Happy Easter!


Jenn Y said...

Happy Easter! Love to read this every week and hear how you are all doing. So glad to hear your family came to visit and how can Madilynn be a year already! Thinking of you!

Jenn Y said...

almost forgot - the cake is just beautiful!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say how much I look forward to reading your blog. Mom and I were just talking about how Bell has the biggest heart of any 6 year old, and that is shown through her desire to want to help people in need. I was home last night for some more birthday celebration and Maddi was doing laps around the dinning room table, hard to believe that a year ago to the day it was Angela doing laps in the hospital!! We talked to the kids last night on the phone and they each sang her happy birthday, it was really great to hear their little voices send so much love to their cousin and family in Monson. I love you so much sister!!! Hope to see you soon, have a great Easter!!!