Monday, March 24, 2008

spring is here?

This week we submerged ourselves in Easter or as we Christians often call it, Resurrection Day. We worked on our Easter lapbook all week. I purchased one from Hands of a Child that gave an overview of the the events starting w/ Jesus riding into Jerusalem on the Donkey and ending with His ascension into heaven. We added to it w/ another one from Homeschoolshare based on the book "The Legend of the Easter Egg" which gave us some great "eggsperiments" and some work on Similes. We also talked about the many symbols of easter and how they relate to the story of the Resurrection.

We had a wonderful time coloring eggs this year. It was so much fun we did it 3 times! They colored them first at Ra'ra's house, then we did it again here with Hannah and Amira and then we did it again here after we used up all the eggs playing games at youth group. They are experts now, we faux painted some, glittered some, tatooed some, dotted some, and of course, dyed them all. Ian showed a surprising amount of patience as he waited for his colors to get rich and bright. Isaac did a great job writing things on his name on his with the clear crayon (no easy task in my opinion) and Isabellas were just stunningly coated with stickers, paint, and glitter. As we colored them we talked about the story of Jesus breaking out of the tomb alive, just like a chick breaks out of an egg. When we were done we used our leftover dye to color some uncooked pasta so we can use it for crafts. The dyes made it very bright and colorful.
The kids were blessed with a little Easter money from some gransparents this week and they decided to put it toward the Webkins they had each been saving for. On Saturday afternoon we took a family trip to the mall and they each picked out a new little friend. They haven't put them down since. Isabella chose a Koala bear and named him Yooka. Isaac chose a little Panda and named him Panda and Ian chose a kitten and named him Red Stripes (even though his stripes are orange, black and white).

On Easter Sunday everyone got dressed in their Sunday best and headed off to church right after a good fall thanks to rarely used dress shoes. I swear that happens every Easter to someone in our family, it was Ian this year, hadn't been dressed 2 minutes and he toppled down the stairs in his stiff little loafers. He recovered quickly and we had a lovely Easter Service. After church we had a nice dinner with The Roaches and the Cartiers. The kids had a really fun egg hunt in the back yard. It was cold, snowy and icy and didn't feel very springy but fun nonetheless.

We filled 100 eggs or so and also hid the Resurrection eggs and one "golden egg" with a $20.00 bill!! Isabella was the lucky one to find the golden egg! After the hunt and organization of candy and change we collected the Resurrection eggs and opened them in order to find the little symbols and scriptures that tell the story of the Resurrection. Amira led the discussion and I was so blessed to see that my kids had been paying very close attention all week as we had studied the story. They knew what each symbol represented and did very well answering the questions.

Easter conveniently happened to be Jason's birthday this year. After racking my brain trying to think of a great cake to make him I settled on a simple cross. It seemed fitting since it was Easter and Jesus is Jasons favorite!

Between snowy egg hunts, Jay's birthday, and not traveling or seeing my family :( it was definetly an Easter unlike any I had experienced. It was a blessed day though and we had a great time.


Anonymous said...

See please here

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! It sounds like you had a nice one! The kids are getting so big! I hope all is well with you.
Love, Mallory

Anonymous said...

First, I would just like to say that I really love the egg photo!!! It sounds like you have been very busy this last week..I love to hear about the kids and how smart they are. It didn't surprise me that they were so creative dying eggs. We should get together asap because i miss you all !! please tell Jason that I said Happy(belated)Birthday..xoxo love you

Mona said...

Wow!! You guys sure make Easter egg hunting in the snow look incredibly FUN!! Happy B-Day to Jason and Lots of LOVE to YOU!!!xoxo, Mona

Cousin Renée said...

Hi guys
glad to see you had a wonderful Easter. We did as well but we definately missed you! We missed the big egg hunt. Love you see you soon! Renée & Angelique