Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vacation 2010

This is our vacation. Ian dictated a journal to me of each day of our vacation and I am going to use that as the blog. I'll try to fit it together with the pictures as best as I can.

Our Vacation
Day 1- Sunday
We went to church. It was good. We came home and packed the car, ate lunch and headed on vacation. The drive was boring. We ate pretzels and laid on mom's pillows because we could reach them. We got the the cottage! Me and Isaac and Daddy went over to the boat with Papa. Bella, mommy and Ra-ra (rah-rah that is what the kids call my mom) unpacked. We went to the Cove for dinner. It was awesome. I had a cheeseburger with fries. After dinner we went night fishing. It was awesome. We didn't catch anything but we still had fun. We looked at the stars and saw the Big Dipper. When we got back to the dock there were millions of minnows and when papa turned the lights off on the boat all the minnows jumped and it sounded like rain on the water. It was really cool. We also had oatmeal cream pies on the boat.

Day 2-Monday
We had a nice big breakfast of pancakes. Mom went for a run. Isaac, me, Daddy and Papa went fishing on the boat while Bella and Mommy went to the little beach. I pulled in a flounder but we couldn't keep it. We caught the bottom too. I got to steer the boat a little and have snacks and Gatorade in the captains seat.
We came back in for lunch. Me and Isaac went crab fishing by the cottage. We found a dead crab. Then we went to the train beach and I went swimming with Papa and Bella. Then we caught some blue crabs and green crabs. We caught 4 and then we let them race on the beach. They buried themselves in the sand though. Then we came back to the cottage and relaxed.
Papa took us out on the boat again and I caught a striper with Daddy. He was big but not a keeper. We came in and had fish and beef kabobs with corn on the cob and cous cous. It was cous cousy. We went back out and fished some more at night. We saw glowing plankton in the wake of the boat. When you disturb it, it glows. It was so cool. Then I fell asleep on the boat.

Day 3 - Tuesday
Today we went out on the boat and caught some scup so we could go chunking for stripers later. I caught a sea bass. Mommy likes to eat those. Mommy and Daddy went on a date and Ra-ra and Papa took me and Bella and Isaac to a nature center. I went on walks on paths through the woods. I saw a tree frog. I saw and old bee's nest and an owl too. A real one. I forgot what kind of owl it was. We got stuff in the gift shop. I got a geode and it had crystals in it when I broke it open. I got a dinosaur egg that I could dig a dinosaur out of. I saw some pumpkin seed in one of the ponds. Ra-ra and Papa took us out to dinner at Ten Clams. I had mac and cheese and Issac had chicken tenders and Bella had mac and cheese. I had lemonade. I got ice cream for dessert. It was vanilla with cotton candy swirl. Mom took us for a bike ride. Auntie Kimmy and her friend Sarah came to the cottage too.

Day 4- Wednesday
We got up really early and Daddy took us out for breakfast. We went to the beach when we got back. Its called Napa Tree. We got there on Papa's boat. The waves were big and one crashed me. I liked swimming in the ocean with mommy. We also built a sand castle and a mermaid and Isaac and Dad went fishing with Papa and they caught 2 stripers that were keepers. They came back to the beach later too. Isaac made a shark in the sand and we dug a big hole until we found water and Daddy made me a throne. When we got back to the dock it was low tide and the boat got stuck. We all had to get off and walk to the dock. I liked getting stuck. Papa pulled the C Lasher (the name of my dad's boat) into the dock when the tide came up a little.

Day 5- Thursday
Auntie Angela and Madi and Annika came today. We made a few new friends who live next door to the cottage. Their names are Forrest and Rose. I fell and bumped my head on their swing set. Our friend D.O. made a minnow trap and we put the crab trap in off the dock too. Took a long ride up the Mystic River and we saw two neat bridges that open for boats. One turns and one goes up. We went fishing again and Bella and Isaac caught more sea bass.

Day 6- Friday
After Annika took a nap we went to the Mystic Aquarium. We saw Beluga whales and touched Rays. We saw a sea lion show too. One of my favorite parts was going to the gift shop and I got a penguin whose eyes pop out and a notebook and shark tooth that I had to dig out of another egg. Isaac liked the barracudas and electric eels. We had tacos for dinner. I like tacos a lot. I had a croup cough early in the morning and I got to sit outside with mommy in the dark. We could hear the light house and the waves. It was kind of nice even though I had a croup.

Day 7- Saturday
We went back to Napa Tree Beach. It was fun. Me and Madi had fun swimming. We pretended we were doggies with Isaac in the water. Bella and Daddy body surfed a lot. We got stuck again at low tide. I like getting stuck. We went out for dinner at Ten Clams again. It was late and I was tired.

Day 8 - Sunday...last day
We went fishing early with Papa but we didn't catch anything except scup. Mommy wanted to catch a big one. Isaac said "Maybe God is saying we have enough." We played at the cottage and watched Bella kayak with daddy and we checked the minnow and crab traps again. We caught a goose fish in the crab trap. He was weird. After dinner we went home. It was sad to leave and it was a long boring ride home. We watched Mary Poppins and Cars.


Jenn Y said...

What a wonderful time with your family! Can't believe how big all our kids are. I was just going through some old pictures the other day from the family network. Can't believe my baby is starting Kindergarten now! Hope your vacation was all you'd hoped it would be & good luck with this coming school year!

Anonymous said...

a great time with the grand kids
We really do love to have you guys here.Ian's story seems to center around his food! The Corbett crew on board the C-Lasher is always a fun time.To bad Bella never got to land that giant blue fish she hooked into.We have only got Skates on our last tip.Maddi was getting sea sick just as the fish were starting to bite.We headed in
Kim had a big fish on for a while but it got off before we got to see what it was. I am sure it was a huge stripper just like all the fish we loose.

MW said...

I love Ian's dictation of the trip! Sounds (and looks!) like you all had a wonderful time!