Monday, September 6, 2010

end of summer

Today is labor day and the summer is officially winding to a close. I am pretty much ready to start school on Tuesday. Blogging our last summer events will help give me summer closure. I think this was the best summer I have had since I was a child. I am sad to see it come to a close. The last few weeks have been spent trying to balance enjoying the rest of summer and getting ready for school. No small task for a homeschooling mom, let me tell you. When I was teaching I had 2 weeks in my classroom with no kids to get ready. Now that my classroom is my home and the kids are always here, challenges are aplenty. Then again, so is the fun, so it all works out. Last week with the awesome weather it was wonderful to "have" to take the kids to the pool, rather than staying in front of this screen planning.
Here are some of highlights from our last few weeks.
When we first got back from our vacation the kids were still in vacation mode and apparently so was Jason because he decided to pitch the tent in the backyard for some camping. The kids LOVED it. The cool Berkshire nights made it a little uncomfortable for me and when it dropped below 50 degrees I went inside. This is our fire mascot. I think his name is Corbert (named by one of the youth group kids). He's been with us all summer. I am very proud to announce that my little writers have won another contest! My kids and Hannah all won awards in the library contest for their short stories. Isaac won 1st place and Ian won 2nd for their age division. Hannah won 2nd place and Bella got 3rd place (honorable mention) for their age division. The library had a delightful ceremony and the kids received beautiful awards. They also received money for winning which they were all very excited about. We visited our Germain friends last week. This enormous dragonfly visited them too. He was sooo cool. He was at least 4 inches long!! We also made applesauce while we were there with apples fresh from one of their apple trees! Jen and I have been pretending we were pioneers like Laura Ingalls since we were little and we thoroughly enjoyed going through the applesauce making process together like Mary and Laura. This gigantic spider was on one of our windows. He was amazing to watch. We were totally creeped out but interested at the same time. I have been doing lots and lots of school prep the last few weeks. None of it is really interesting or worth noting to anyone but myself except for our history time line. I am really excited about our history curriculum this year. We will be studying ancient civilizations and my curriculum came with instructions on how to make a time line out of a sewing board, contact paper and duct tape. Its really huge when it is all folded out but folds up conveniently. I am also very pleased with our lovely green contact paper and teal duct tape. I can't wait to start adding the information! Yesterday afternoon Isabella and Hannah decided they wanted new looks for school and Amira obliged and chopped off their hair! Bella will be donating her hair to Children with Hairloss so that they can use it to make a wig. Amazingly it has been less than 18 months since the last time she donated her hair and she has another 12 inch pony tail to send!! At this rate I may look into selling it haha! Hannah's hair will be donated to another cool site called Matter of Trust and they make mats to absorb oil from oil spills using hair. Two adorable girls with sassy new cuts! T So school starts tomorrow! I love that all the kids have asked to start sooner because they can't wait! I hope that excitements lasts after they get a few assignments under their belt...


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